Published Works



"Lemon Wedge"

"Mount Olive"

"Royal Peeps"

"Sweet Tooth"

"Tell Me Something Good"

"Through The Woods"

"Divided Sky"

"Flow Through"

"Life Is But A Dream"

"These Are The Things That Grow On My Land"

"Trance Of A Lifetime"

"First Of All"

"Gust Of Fortuna"

"Hooked On A Robe"

"I Had A Mint Before"

"The Inside Of Talking"

"You Won't Find Poetry"

"Hell In Reverse" & "Matching Slashes"

"Red Rooster", "Breakfast At The Paradigm Shift" & Enchante'

"I Love This Place"

"Every Step Of The Day"

"The Zenith"

"Past My Window"

"La Dolce Vita"

"Ten Feathers Equal Nothing"


"The Light That You Shine"

"White Overtone World Bridger"


"A Telstar Sign"

"It All Adds Up"

"Trip Show"

"Over The Moon"

"The Halcyon"



"Jibreel & Run-Rise-LEAP!"

"The Crinaeae"


Back In The Day!
1985 FFA Poster Contest
Gregree age 8 second from the right.
1st place baby!

I can't tell which is more massive ribbon or my pimp oxford/button up to the tippy top combo ;-)


This was published in "The Sullivan County Democrat"

Good Won